Faith at Work

Members of the Gethsemane Connections Ministry discuss confidentially the connections between our faith and the many dimensions of work - work at a job, work at church, work at home, and work as a volunteer. This group meets for breakfast or just coffee on the first Friday of every month from 7 to 8 am at the Bob Evans on Olentangy River Road just south of King Ave. Click here for directions.

Topics for the comming year are:

  • Our medical system and mental illness
  • Does free speech have limits?
  • Focusing vs. fragmentation - what issues are important?
  • Climate change - rising ocean level
  • Is America a sexist society?
  • Ethnicities, Faiths, Cultures and Race(s) . . . Difference & Sameness
  • Politics and money
  • Is guilt necessary when I turn someone down?
  • The aftermath of foreign intervention
  • "Focusing vs. fragmentation - what issues are important?"

For more information about this group contact Judy Reuning.

Try "Connections" sometime. You'll like it.