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Wedding Fees

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Understandably, the fees for those who are members and have participated in the financial support of the congregation will be different from those for non-members.

All fees are to be paid two weeks in advance of the wedding date to the church secretary. You may write one check payable to Gethsemane Lutheran Church or write individual checks for the pastor(s), musicians, etc. See fee schedule below.

The Wedding Ceremony (Capacity: 300) Member Non-Member
A. Use of sanctuary No charge $300
Non-refundable deposit $50 $50
B. Pastor (including pre-marital counseling and rehearsal)**   $300
C. Organist/pianist (ceremony only) $125 $125
Rehearsal $50 $50
Additional rehearsal time $35/rehearsal $35/rehearsal
D. Additional musicians TBA TBA
E. Custodian (ceremony only) $30 $30
(Ceremony & reception) $90 $90
F. Candelabra (including candles) $25 $25
G. Printing of bulletins (optional) $25-$50* $25-$50*
*(Consult with the secretary)    
H. Wedding Co-ordinator (ceremony only) $100 $100
(Ceremony & reception) $150 $150
I. Pre-marital Counseling Inventory $35* $35*
*($30 if taken on-line)    
J. Refundable Security Deposit $50 $200
The Reception (Capacity: 250)
A. Use of reception hall $100 $350
B. Set-up and take-down of chairs/tables $50 $50
C. Custodian: (See above)    
Note: Use of the Great Hall requires completion of a Facility Use Application

** Many couples do gift the pastor. It is customary that these gifts range from $150–$250, which acknowledges the time spent in pre-marital counseling, wedding rehearsal, planning and the wedding itself.