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Wedding Hymns

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From time to time a couple will request a list of wedding hymns that are represented in each of the hymnals at our disposal at Gethsemane: With One Voice, Hymnal Supplement, and Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Following is a list of hymns that are under the category of “marriage.” In addition, many other hymns would be appropriate to sing at a marriage service and fall under such categories as commitment, praise, community in Christ. If you choose to use hymns in your wedding, it is best to evaluate both the words and the tune. Our Director of Music Ministries could help you to make that selection when you meet regarding music for your wedding.

Hymnal Supplement
790 — When Love is Found
804 — No Greater Love
802 — Not for Tongues of Heaven’s Angels
709 — Psalm 117: O Praise the Lord
712 — Psalm 136: Love is Never Ending
713 — Psalm 150: Sing Alleluia, Praise the Lord

With One Voice
751 — As Man and Woman We Were Made
748 — Bind Us Together
648 — Jesus Come! For We Invite You
749 — When Love is Found

586 — This is a Day, Lord, Gladly Waited
585 — Hear Us Now, Our God and Father