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The sacrament of Baptism is central to our life together as a congregation. As Lutherans, we baptize people of all ages, from infants to senior citizens and everyone in between.

Baptism has the power to forgive our sins, cleanse us from our past and calls us to be a new creation in Christ Jesus. Our baptism reminds us that we are children of God and it welcomes us into Christian community.

We believe that baptism is completely God's work and promise for us. We only baptize people once because we believe that God's promises are good forever no matter what we do or where life leads us. If you were baptized in most any Christian denomination then you have received God's promise forever!

Except in special circumstances, baptisms happen in our regularly scheduled Sunday worship witnessed by the gathered community and are done by our pastor.

If you want to be baptized, or you would like your child baptized, the best thing to do is to attend worship at Gethsemane regualrly and contact the Church Office with any quesitons.