Lutheran World Relief: Quilting

Support Lutheran World Relief (LWR) with quilts used in disaster response around the world. For people in need, a quilt is not just a blanket, it can be a bed, a room divider, even a suitcase! Most of all, it is a symbol of God’s love in the midst of crisis.

Throughout the year, members from Gethsemane sew quilt tops at home from the provided kits or their own materials (ask about required dimensions). When the completed tops are brought in, our quilters add the batting and sew on the quilt bottoms. Several times a year, sew-ers of all ages gather at church to knot the quilts and pray for the recipients. In the autumn, completed quilts are dedicated during worship before they are shipped to LWR. In addition to people who can sew the quilt tops and knot the finished quilts, individuals are needed to help display the quilts in the fall and then pack them for shipping. Donations help pay for materials and for shipping the quilts. (Craft store gift cards or appropriate material can also be donated.) If you would like to join in our quilting ministry, contact the Church Office.

Find out more about LWR Quilting at:
Lutheran World Relief
700 Light Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230 USA